Moving into the field
By Mindy Luce

Despite all that you have read or heard about field work, it is still a good career path. I would like to elaborate that field work doesn't necessarily mean sales. There are a number of career paths that you can take on that maybe related to sales, but not sales. Consider the field application specialists that helped you trouble-shoot when your instrument is down or you need help with a particularly difficult experiment. These are road-warriors as well, traveling most of the week to customers' sites to present technical data or help with trouble-shooting. Below are a few titles that you could consider when searching for a path into field work, not sales:

FAS - Field Application Specialist/Scientist - most life sciences companies would like someone with a technical background, so either a master's degree or a Ph.D. - main function is to support sales in pre-sales and post-sales situation, such as presenting technical data, training and trouble-shooting. Usually, it's helpful if your degree is in the discipline that the company sells into. For example, if you are molecular biologist, it would be more difficult for you to obtain a job with a company selling into the chemistry space. Sometimes you can also see this listed under Product Specialist.

FE - Field Engineer - most companies, whether it is a medical device company or a life sciences company requires....Click Here for Full Article

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Cell Signaling Technology

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CST was ranked in the top 100 best companies to work for in Massachusetts by the Boston Globe in 2008. Established in Beverly MA in 1999, Cell Signaling Technology (CST) is a privately-owned company with over 260 employees. We are dedicated to providing innovative research tools that are used to help define mechanisms underlying cell function and disease. Since its inception, CST has become the world leader in the production of the highest quality activation-state antibodies utilized to expand knowledge of cell signaling pathways. Aberrant signaling within these pathways has been implicated in various diseases including cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

In addition to product development and production, CST is also actively engaged in research into new technology development as well as primary cell biology research. CST scientists publish their findings in the highest quality peer-reviewed journals including Nature Biotechnology, Cell, Journal of Immunology and Journal of Biological Chemistry. CST continues to expand our NIH-funded bioinformatics resource PhosphoSitePlus®. This website contains curated information about known and new protein modification sites in proteins from human, mouse and related species. 

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Phone: 978-867-2300
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You can also contact us by mail at:

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